A recently renovated cottage on the island of Papa Westray, Orkney

Peatwell, Papa Westray - Self-catering Cottage

Peatwell, Papa Westray

Papa Westray, known locally as Papay, is among the most northern of the Orkney Islands. Only four miles long and a mile wide, it is home to 75 people and in the summer, to thousands of birds, including puffins, that breed on its rocky cliffs. Cows and sheep graze in the pastures and the air is alive with the calls of oystercatchers, curlews and lapwings. A walk along the sandy shore is sure to draw the attention of the resident grey and common seals.

Peatwell, Papa Westray - View towards Westray

Peatwell, Sunroom

Peatwell looks out onto Papay Sound and the adjacent island of Westray. It is a 15-minute walk to the island's well-stocked shop and community centre. Several archaeological sites are nearby including a burnt mound and the 5,000 year-old Knap of Howar, a well-preserved Stone Age farmstead, part of a community which buried its dead in cairns on the Holm of Papay. North Hill, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, occupies the northern quarter of the island. It is staffed during part of the year by a full-time warden from the RSPB who leads tours for visitors. Because of Papay's latitude, the sun barely sets during the summer months and the Merry Dancers often illuminate the nighttime sky in winter.

Peatwell, Papa Westray - Living Room

Living Room

Peatwell, Papa Westray - Kitchen


The stone farmhouse, originally built in the mid-19th century, features a modern kitchen that is part of a larger living room and dining area. There is a TV and CD/DVD player. The bedroom has one super-king bed, and the sunroom, with a panoramic sea view, has a fold-out double futon sofa. A cot for infants is available. The new bathroom features a large walk-in shower.

Summer sunset across the Papay Sound

Summer sunset across the Papay Sound

Access to Papay is from the cathedral town of Kirkwall. From there both a ferry and small plane make several trips a day to Papay from late Spring through early Fall. Less frequent service is available during the remainder of the year. Transport to and from the airport or pier is provided for renters.

September - May: 3 night minimum - £40.00/night, £250.00/week

June - August: weekly only - £300.00/week

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