This is an archived page about the Papay Development Trust prepared in the year 2000. For the current page click here: Papay Development Trust.

Papay Development Trust Community Plan

Updating the Plan

In such a tight knit community, making information available to the islanders on the work of the Trust is especially important.

Minutes are regularly posted in the shop and post office, the officers of the Papay Development Trust are always available to talk about progress on particular projects, and slightly more formal get-togethers have been taking place so that everyone on Papa Westray can feel part of the process of regeneration.

When a significant step forward is made with any one particular project then the islanders are informed at the earliest opportunity in order that they too can share in the sense of achievement.

Since, one way or another, all the projects currently being progressed have flowed from the community itself, the Trust is always an open house for the exchange of ideas, opinions and observations.

Things are already happening:

The following are archived pages about the Papay Development Plan prepared in the year 2000. For the current plan click here: Papay Development Trust.

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