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This is an archived page about the Papay Development Trust prepared in the year 2000. For the current page click here: Papay Development Trust.

Papay Development Trust Community Plan


Our Plan has come from the community and will be driven by the community through the Development Trust.  We realise the importance of forming partnerships with our local agencies and all organisations keen to help us achieve our aims.  Already our partners include:

Papay Community Co-operative

Central to our recent past and crucial to our future well-being is the work of our Community Co-operative.  Established in 1979, one of the first in Scotland, it continues to run our shop, guest house, hostel, self catering units and the island tours.  The Co-op is at the heart of our community and the Development Trust sees that one its main tasks is to assist and support the Co-op in its efforts.

Running all the different aspects of the Community Co-op is a major undertaking for the islanders and, through time, we have recognised the need to secure continuing funding for the overall co-ordination and development of this community business. Everyone sees this as a priority on the island.

The Co-op is seen as a logical focus for visitors. It arranges special tours and offers high quality experience of Small Island life and community enterprise. Without a thriving Community Co-op, the island has little chance of achieving its vision for the future.


The following are archived pages about the Papay Development Plan prepared in the year 2000. For the current plan click here: Papay Development Trust.

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