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Papay Wildlife Club Holidays

Papay Wildlife Club

Join us for a wonderful wildlife experience in an amazing place! Since the autumn of 2015, Papay Wildlife Club holidays have catered for everyone who wants to have a deeper experience of Papa Westray and its wildlife.

All Papay Wildlife Club guests will find themselves at the heart of the community for their stay. All groups are small (no more than seven). You can be sure of superb wildlife, landscape and archaeology - combined with a warm welcome - every day of the year on Papa Westray.

Julian Branscombe, enthusiastic birder, wildlife tutor and local resident, is central to all PWC holidays. His interests extend from flowers, mosses & liverworts, fungi and lichens to beetles, bees, flies, otters, seals and cetaceans - a PWC holiday can pass on expertise covering just about every aspect of Papay's wildlife! Julian has worked in nature conservation for 25 years. He is also Editor of the Orkney Bird Report and Orkney's Fungi Recorder at present.

Papay Wildlife Club holidays are usually co-led by Jonathan Ford, the Papay Ranger. As antiquarian, artist and naturalist, Jonathan offers much to help you appreciate Papa Westray.

It's not just about natural heritage. You'll see all of the island's fascinating historic sites, including Knap of Howar (Europe's oldest standing houses), St Boniface Kirk and the exceptional farmstead of Holland Farm.

There's an extensive library of wildlife guides and identification keys. Microscopes are available if your interest and/or the focus of the holiday requires it. The light 'syllabus' for each holiday ensures that you can learn as much as you want, at your pace. We always remember this is your holiday, so we make every effort to meet your aspirations for the precious time you'll have here.

Papay Wildlife Club holidays include lovely en suite accommodation at Beltane House, which is run by Papay Community Co-operative. We can promise that a highlight will be the delicious home-cooked meals. The island's new eight-seater bus gives us flexibility whatever the weather.

For further information and booking please ring 01857 644215, email - or contact Papay Wildlife Club through Facebook. Papay Wildlife Club is run by Papay Development Trust (SC029585), the island's community development charity.

2018 Papay Wildlife Club holidays

About Papay Wildlife Club
Blooms & Bonxies
14th to 18th June 2018

Mushrooms & migrants
20th to 24th September 2018

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