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Puffin Primula Scottica Tern

8th to 12th June 2017: Fulmars & flowers

In June, Papay is full of breeding birds and the short swards are studded with flowers. The long days are always full of interest - it is an exceptional time to be here.

The maritime moorland of North Hill is a very special environment. The Scottish Primrose (Primula scotica) is abundant here, but found nowhere else in the world, save for a few other precious spots in the far north of Scotland. Arctic Skuas and Bonxies (Great Skuas) will be overhead, and Dunlin will be trilling from the edge of boggy pools. Other special plants include Spring Squill and Foula Eyebright.

Fowl Craig has a colony of Razorbills, Guillemots, Puffins and Shags, as well as a touching statue which remembers the terrible killing of Britain's last pair of Great Auks here, some 200 years ago. Tysties (Black Guillemots) and Dunters (Eiders) encircle the island, whilst we can be sure of a long list of wading birds.

We'll also spend time, watched by Wheatears as we lie in the dwarf vegetation on the sandy ground of the Links of Moclett (Papay's characterful golf course). Adder's-tongue Fern, orchids, Milkwort, Butterwort and Limestone Bedstraw are amongst the species we'll be admiring.

If the weather allows, we shall get to the uninhabited Holm of Papay. This rarely-visited place is a favourite of Dixe Wills, author of Tiny Islands: 60 Remarkable Little Worlds Around Britain. The islet is rich in wildlife and boasts one of Orkney's finest Neolithic chambered cairns.

As with all Papay Wildlife Club events, knowledge of the full breadth of Papay's wildlife - from beetles and mosses to seals and Otters - will be on hand. On each of these light June evenings you will have the choice between your own company, another gentle guided walk or time spent discussing and identifying the day's finds.

Price: £495 per person. £50 Single Supplement.For further information and booking please ring 01857 644215, email - or contact Papay Wildlife Club through Facebook. Papay Wildlife Club is run by Papay Development Trust (SC029585), the island's community development charity.

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8th to 12th June 2017

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