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Beach Days with Children: What to Pack

Heading to the beach with little ones requires some extra planning and packing to ensure you have everything you need for a fun and comfortable day by the seaside. Here are some tips on what to bring for a successful beach day with children.

Swimwear and Towels

The essentials for a beach day are swimsuits and towels. Bring swimsuits and swimming aids like floaties for each child. Pack 2-3 towels per child, including larger beach towels they can sit on or wrap up in when drying off or taking a break from the water. Fold towels neatly and pack them in a beach bag or dry bag.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen and hats are a must to protect delicate children's skin from the harsh rays. Choose a high SPF (30 or above) waterproof sunscreen designed for kids. Apply liberally and frequently, especially after swimming. Pack sunhats or caps that shade their face, neck and ears. You may also want to bring lightweight beach coverups or shirts for extra sun protection when playing on the sand.

Drinks and Snacks

Kids need to stay hydrated and fuelled when active at the beach. Bring plenty of water and drinks like juice boxes or pouches. Pack healthy snacks like fruit, veggie sticks, sandwiches, nuts and crackers. Chilled drinks and snacks can be kept in a small cooler bag with ice packs. Don't forget spoons, wipes and a rubbish bag.

Beach Toys and Games

Bring toys and games to keep kids entertained for hours. Shovels, buckets, moulds and rakes are perfect for building sandcastles and digging. Frisbees, beach balls and kites allow active play. A beach tennis set is great for family games. And bring along a few surprises like bubbles, water guns or boogie boards. Keep toys in a mesh pop-up bag so sand shakes off easily.

Comforts and Conveniences

A beach trip with kids requires packing some extras for comfort and convenience. Pack folding chairs or beach mats for lounging. An umbrella or pop-up tent provides shade. Don't forget nappy changing essentials like a mat, nappies, bags and wipes if needed. Bring cash for parking, food and arcade games. Keep everything organised in a sturdy beach bag.

Weather Gear

Even a sunny beach day can turn chilly, windy or rainy - especially in the UK! Be prepared with weather essentials like lightweight jackets, hats, sunglasses and rain gear. Pop a compactable rain poncho or jacket in your bag. Bring layers you can add or remove. And have shoes and socks in case hot sand becomes an issue.

First Aid

Have a first aid kit on hand for minor injuries and ailments. Stock a small bag or box with plasters, antibiotic cream, pain relievers, antihistamines, antiseptic wipes, blister pads and any medication needed for allergies or other conditions. A mini first aid guide is handy too.

Finally, if you’re planning on taking your foster children away for a beach holiday, check with your foster agency, such as, first.

With the proper preparation and packing, your beach day with the kids will be a piece of cake. Just relax and enjoy the waves and sunshine knowing you have everything you need for fun and safety.

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