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Tips to Enjoy Your Next Festival on Papa Westray and Beyond

Whether you have decided that you want to attend one of the annual festivals in Orkney (such as the Science Festival) or you want to prepare to go to enjoy one of the many large festivals that are scattered across the UK, you might be looking for tips on how to enjoy the experience.

This is especially important if you have never been to a festival before or you are worried about the fact that you will have to rough it for a few days. Here is a guide that will ensure that your next festival experience is a positive one.

Get a Sturdy Tent

If you have not booked accommodation, there is a certain amount of equipment that you will need to purchase ahead of your next festival. Although you might believe that you have all the products that you need due to the outdoor lifestyle that is common on the Orkney Islands, when you are attending a festival, you might decide to buy new items that can help you avoid any issues when you are there.

For instance, it is vital that you invest in a sturdy tent that can keep you safe and warm amid the changeable elements in Orkney and beyond. If you do not pack a durable option, you might find that your tent flies away during the night or starts to leak, which can leave you wet, uncomfortable and fed up.

This means that you should look around for tents that have been made from high-quality materials and that are weather-resistant, as well as those that are spacious enough for you and whoever you are travelling with.

Check the Forecast

You might be able to predict the weather that you will experience when you are away if you know the month that the festival is in. However, the weather can be unpredictable, especially on small islands like Papa Westray.

This means that it is important that you also check the forecast nearer the time and that you keep referring back to this throughout your stay. Not only can this tell you whether festival attendance will be dangerous, but it can also help you to make preparations in terms of the clothing and accessories that you are going to pack.

If the weather is poor, you might decide that you need a raincoat or a hat that can protect you from the worst of it, as well as sturdy boots.

Look at Festival Food

You should also think carefully about what you are going to eat at this festival. This is particularly the case if you have dietary requirements or allergies. You might even want to do a little bit of extra research if you are a fussy eater and look into how festival food has changed to see whether it will appeal to you. You might decide to pack a few unperishable foods in your suitcase to ensure that you do not go hungry and that you can look forward to a tasty meal each day.

You should also be wary of food poisoning. You might check for signs that your food is dangerous before you eat it (such as a vendor using milk that has been left out on a hot day), and you might stay away from vendors that you do not believe are trustworthy when it comes to the food that they are offering. This will mean that you will not have to spend the majority of your festival experience feeling ill and miserable, and missing most of the excitement.

Make a Plan

When you are attending a festival, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many activities to do there, and this might give you a generous dose of decision paralysis. To check that you get to do every activity that you want and that you do not miss out on any of the most exciting events, you should make a plan beforehand.

Although this plan might not be comprehensive and might leave room for flexibility, by having some idea of what you want to do and when these activities are on, you will be ensuring that you make the most of your time at the festival and that you do not come away with any regrets. This will also allow you to make sure that everyone in your party gets to tick off their bucket list, instead of one person taking over.

You might also think about booking essential elements of your trip in advance, such as your transport to and from the festival, so that you do not get caught out when the time comes.

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