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The Holm of Papay
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Welcome to Papa Westray, one of the North Isles of Orkney. This site provides information on how to get to Papa Westray, where to stay, and ideas on what to see and do.


Beltane House
Papa Westray Hostel
Hostel adjacent to shop
Holm View
Holm View
Self-catering cottage near east pier, convenient for shop and post office
Self-catering cottage looking onto Papa Sound and nearby island of Westray

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Papay Development Trust
Papa Westray Group
Papa Westray Hostel
East shore, Papa Westray

Holm and East Shore, Papa Westray - photograph by Douglas Hourston

Papa Westray, Orkney

Papa Westray is one of the smallest islands in Orkney, off the far north coast of Scotland. Known to locals as Papay, this is a fascinating destination to visit and an engaging, sometimes challenging, place to live. Thanks to the efforts and skills of the community, Papay has been rejuvenated in recent years as several long-abandoned homes have been restored and brought back to life for local and incoming folk. According to the 2011 census there were 90 'usual residents' in 40 households - compared with just 65 people in 30 households in 2001.

The island is rich in archaeology - including the Knap of Howar (older than the Pyramids), the restored ancient kirk of St Boniface, the remains of the medieval chapel at St Tredwell's Loch and chambered cairns on the Holm of Papay - and birdlife, especially on the North Hill RSPB reserve. The two-minute hop between Papa Westray and its neighbour Westray is the world's shortest scheduled flight.

This website provides information on how to get to Papay, where to stay, and ideas on what to see and do. It also includes the Papa Westray Island Development Plan 2011-2021 prepared by the Papay Development Trust.


Loganair Islander
Getting to Papa Westray
Travelling to Papa Westray by air and sea.

Loganair Inter-Island Summer Timetable (PDF file) 2 March 2015 - 24 October 2015

Papa Westray Flights. For current situation see Kirkwall Airport Live Flight Information

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