Papa Westray Island Development Plan

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Community Development in Papay

Papay Development Trust was established in 1999 with a remit from the community to prepare a development plan and drive forward improvements for the island which would help reverse population decline. As a company limited by guarantee and with charitable status, the Trust works in partnership with others to achieve development appropriate to the changing needs of our community.

Papay Community Co-operative is a social enterprise at the heart of our community. Established in 1979 the Papay Co-op has been central to our recent past and is crucial to our future providing vital local services and employment in the isle. One of the main priorities for the community for achieving its vision for the future is to assist and support the co-operative to develop as a sustainable and thriving enterprise.

The Papay Development Plan was originally launched in 2000 as part of Initiative at the Edge with the aim of reversing population decline in Papa Westray. Ten years on we are proud of our community’s achievements, and using our updated development plan we will build on these achievements over the next ten years.

Some of Our Community Achievements 2000-2010

Increased Island Population • Island-wide Housing & Building Boom •
Papay Community School & Nursery Extension •
Refurbished Community Centre & Hall • Community-owned Gateway House • Refurbishment of the Papay Co-op Shop •
Winter Boat Scheme • St Ann’s Kirk, Community Room & NHS Surgery Project •
Island-wide Expansion of Papa Westray Private Water Scheme •
H&I Fire Station & Employment of Local Retained Fire-Fighters •
Children’s Playground Equipment & Adventure Track • Island Cinema • Annual Papay Fun Weekend Event •
Renewed Participation in the North Isles Sports • Berth for Visiting Yachts •
Nouster Heritage Centre (Phase 1 Completed) • Thursday Club Garage •
Community Acquisition of Disused Croft at Hookin for Development •
Papay Community Development Worker •
Provision of Important Habitat for Breeding Corncrakes •
Local Management Agreement for the North Hill Nature Reserve

Papay Development Trust is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, No. SC029585

Company Secretary, St Tredwell's House, Papa Westray, Orkney, KW17 2BU

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