Papa Westray Island Development Plan

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Employment & Economic Development

Traditionally, islanders turn their hands to a number of jobs to make their living. We will support growth of our existing traditional industries and diversify our economy to create new opportunities, ensure employment for our young folk, attract new people to the island and support a sustainable island population.

Projects include

Papay Community Co-operative - Enterprise Projects (prioritised)

Develop projects and business initiatives which will improve the sustainability of Papay Co-op as our main community enterprise and by doing so create employment, improve local services and develop our tourism industry.

Community Hub & Learning Centre

Provide community access to improved IT facilities such as fast broadband and video conferencing to support opportunities for remote working, grow local businesses, provide linked facilities for public sector employees, improve access to distance learning for island based students and develop community networking.

Sustainable Development of Existing Local Industries

Support employment opportunities for young people in farming, fishing, building trades and tourism.

Explore and Encourage New Business Initiatives

New business initiatives such as computer/internet based businesses, creative industries, local food production and those that fill gaps in existing local skills and services are vital to provide employment opportunities for young folk and new families wanting to live and work in the isle.

Rentable Business Spaces

Stimulate local regeneration through the development of key unused or derelict island buildings to create attractive, commercial business space for affordable local rental.

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