Papa Westray Island Development Plan

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Visitors come to Papay to experience the unique qualities of our island. Acknowledging the importance of tourism to our economy we are aware that this must be developed in a sustainable manner.

Projects include

Improve Visitor Facilities

Improve Marketing of the island

Develop a local tourism strategy; enhance our island website ; increase Papay’s profile in Orkney and elsewhere; improve advertising of local accommodation, island tours, local tourist facilities and the popular ‘Worlds Shortest Scheduled Flight’; promote local nature/wildlife and archaeological sites which are of national and international importance; investigate niche tourist markets and promote local events and activities.

Promote Opportunities for Cultural Tourism

The growth of cultural tourism has been identified as a significant economic development opportunity for Papay and by building on existing island community and arts events, promoting local creative industries and developing new, cultural activities and facilities we will aim to extend the tourist season, secure sustainable growth in visitor numbers and increase visitor spend in the isle.

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