Papa Westray Island Development Plan

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Papay Development Trust

Papay Development Trust was established in 1999 with a remit from the community to prepare a development plan and drive forward improvements for the island of Papa Westray which would help reverse population decline. As a company limited by guarantee and with charitable status, the Trust works in partnership with others to achieve development appropriate to the changing needs of our community. The Papay Development Plan was originally launched in 2000 as part of Initiative at the Edge and revised in 2011.

Papa Westray Island Development Plan 2011-2021

Development Plan Cover
About Papa Westray
Environment & Renewable Energy
Education & Training
Including Young People
Employment & Economic Development
Health & Care
Community Development in Papay

A PDF version of the complete plan can be downloaded here

Papa Westray Island Development Plan 2000

To read the original Development Plan, prepared in 2000, click here

Contacting the Papay Development Trust

Julian Branscombe
Secretary, Papay Development Trust
01857 644215
Papa Westray
Orkney KW17 2BU

Papay Development Trust is a limited company with charitable status, registered in Scotland No SC 201515

Company Secretary, Quarryhoose, Papa Westray, Orkney, KW17 2BU

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