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Video 6 - Going to the Spoots in Papa Westray

DIGGING & LEAPING from Mark Jenkins on Vimeo.

One in a series of short films about the cultural heritage of the island of Papa Westray in Orkney.

These films were made by filmmaker Mark Jenkins over a residential period of two months in February and March 2016, using archive aural and visual material together with new interviews, images and film.

The films are part of a permanent display at The Kelp Store, a heritage and craft centre in Papa Westray, which opened its doors for the first time in June 2016.

Filmed, edited and directed by Mark Jenkins (
Music composed and played by James Watson (
Made for Papay Development Trust with funding from Coastal Communities Fund.


  1. STAMPS & SCALES - The Post Office in Papa Westray.
  2. MILKING STOOLS & SPINNING WHEELS - Animal Farming in Papa Westray.
  3. LUG SAILS & LIMPETS - Fishing in Papa Westray.
  4. FOOLS GOLD & CATS CLAWS - Shipwrecks in Papa Westray.
  5. LOOKOUTS & LANDINGS - Wartime in Papa Westray.
  6. DIGGING & LEAPING - Going to the Spoots in Papa Westray.
  7. SCYTHES & SILAGE - Arable farming in Papa Westray.
  8. DIESEL & DRAWBARS - The Music Of The Tractor.
Papay Development Trust
Coastal Communities Fund

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