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Holm of Papay

Knap of Howar

The North Hill - maritime heath

St Tredwell's Chapel - (original url)

The Life Story of the "Lebanon"

Birds seen on Papa Westray (2004) - Species List

Papay Shells - PDF

Birds on Papa Westray (2015)

St Boniface Kirk

1841 Census

1851 Census

Papay on Film

STAMPS & SCALES - The Post Office in Papa Westray.

MILKING STOOLS & SPINNING WHEELS - Animal Farming in Papa Westray.

LUG SAILS & LIMPETS - Fishing in Papa Westray.

FOOLS GOLD & CATS CLAWS - Shipwrecks in Papa Westray.

LOOKOUTS & LANDINGS - Wartime in Papa Westray.

DIGGING & LEAPING - Going to the Spoots in Papa Westray.

SCYTHES & SILAGE - Arable farming in Papa Westray.

DIESEL & DRAWBARS - The Music Of The Tractor.

Development Trust

Papay Development Trust - Index page

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About Papa Westray

Environment & Renewable Energy



Education & Training

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Employment & Economic Development

Health & Care


Community Development in Papay

2011-2021 Plan - PDF version

2000 Plan - First Development Plan (archive)

About our community - First Development Plan (archive)

Papay Development Trust - First Development Plan (archive)

Updating the Plan - First Development Plan (archive)

Partners - First Development Plan (archive)

Vision - First Development Plan (archive)

Strategic Themes - First Development Plan (archive)


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